Thursday, March 23, 2017

Kiawah Island Fishing Charter

3/20 fished with some long time clients the Smiths and their kids today.  Spring cold front came through and made for some cold temps in the morning, but we all bundled up and gave it a shot.  Started out feeding some sheepshead, then they caught about 8, with the largest being 4 pounds.  As it started to warm up with the calm seas we decided to fish the reef for the last hour and the boys caught a dozen weakfish, and some other bottom fish.
2nd trip that day I ran a quick 2.5 hour Kiawah Kids fishing charter and we had a big time, catching 7 sheepshead , 1 redfish and a couple of black drum to finish the trip.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Kiawah Island Inshore Fishing Charter

10/2/2014  I fished out of Kiawah with Jeff and his friend, and the Fall bite was on fire.  We mostly fished live shrimp and mullet, and first started fishing structure and in about 2 hours they boated 44 small redfish between 1-8 pounds, then for the last half of the trip we hit the inlet to try for something larger and they boated 6 huge reds between 18-25 pounds.  I wish it was Fall all year long, fishing is good all year long but best September through early December.

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kiawah Island Fishing Charter

11/10 Monday I fished a double out of Kiawah.  Morning trip was cold and windy and it took us a good 2 hours to find a good bite, but once we did it was on fire and made us quit thinking about the cold.  For a solid hour and a half I had 4 guys catching sea trout, probably around 40, they kept 6 for a fresh fish dinner.
2nd trip was a better tide and I had 3 golfers from the other side of the pond ( England). A fun trip with a good bite , first couple of hours they caught a bunch of sea trout ( maybe 30-40) mostly small fish and a 15 pound redfish.  Final spot produced a good mixed bag in the last hour with a dozen more  reds, 5 black drum, 3 sheepshead, couple sea bass, and a flounder.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Kiawah Island Inshore Fishing Charter

10/26   ran a double out of Kiawah Island today.  First trip did a 2.5 hour creek fishing and kept everyone busy with some steady popping cork action, got a mixed bag of: sea trout, ladyfish, blues, pinfish, needlefish , and lizard fish.
Second trip had a 1/2 day inshore trip, and we started with some light tackle fishing around oysters and structure, catching a bunch of small trout, black drum and sheepshead , then we spent the last hour targeting the big stuff and Coleman caught his first 2 reds ( 27 and 29 pounds) and a bull shark.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kiawah Island Inshore Fishing Charter

10/15 I ran a double out of Kiawah today and the weather was beautiful and the Fall bite was strong.  Fished this morning with long time client and good friend Andreas Bechtler and his friend Dieter from Europe.  The first 3 hours were non stop redfish action, they landed 47 reds, 1 trout, 3 black drum and 2 sheepshead.  Weather was perfect and the wildlife was putting on a show today, we got to observe dolphins strand feeding, a pair of bald eagles stealing a fish from an osprey, deer and turkeys in the marsh.
My 2nd group was a corporate banking group from New York, wind picked up and water got murky but it didn't slow the trout bite, they caught around 30 sea trout on popping corks, with some bluefish and ladyfish mixed in.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Folly Beach, SC Inshore Fishing Charter

9/25 Fished an afternoon charter with a group of guys who were in town for a meeting, and the Fall bite is here.  First stop was nonstop action throwing popping corks , totals were about 30 reds (1-5 pounds), 11 trout, 4 ladyfish and 15 bluefish.  After going through about 12 dozen shrimp, we saved a few of the blues and ladyfish and went to sit for something larger.  Moved to the inlet and caught 5 huge redfish ( 22-33 pounds) and 2 sharks.  Not bad for a 4 hour charter with about 60-70 quality fish.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Charleston, SC Inshore Fishing Charter

9/20 Capt Colt ran our bay boat in Charleston Harbor today, with 2 Dads that were taking out their sons for a birthday treat.  The big redfish bite was on fire, they started the trip with about 15 big redfish from 12-27 pounds, then moved over to some light tackle action with more : reds, trout, flounder, whiting, spanish, and bluefish.
 I ran a trip out of Kiawah the same day with a corporate group and we started the trip with a good : redfish, trout, and ladyfish bite on light tackle, then went and chased the shrimp boats and caught 5 fine tooth , and 1 blacktip shark.