Sunday, November 16, 2014

Kiawah Island Fishing Charter

11/10 Monday I fished a double out of Kiawah.  Morning trip was cold and windy and it took us a good 2 hours to find a good bite, but once we did it was on fire and made us quit thinking about the cold.  For a solid hour and a half I had 4 guys catching sea trout, probably around 40, they kept 6 for a fresh fish dinner.
2nd trip was a better tide and I had 3 golfers from the other side of the pond ( England). A fun trip with a good bite , first couple of hours they caught a bunch of sea trout ( maybe 30-40) mostly small fish and a 15 pound redfish.  Final spot produced a good mixed bag in the last hour with a dozen more  reds, 5 black drum, 3 sheepshead, couple sea bass, and a flounder.

Monday, October 27, 2014

Kiawah Island Inshore Fishing Charter

10/26   ran a double out of Kiawah Island today.  First trip did a 2.5 hour creek fishing and kept everyone busy with some steady popping cork action, got a mixed bag of: sea trout, ladyfish, blues, pinfish, needlefish , and lizard fish.
Second trip had a 1/2 day inshore trip, and we started with some light tackle fishing around oysters and structure, catching a bunch of small trout, black drum and sheepshead , then we spent the last hour targeting the big stuff and Coleman caught his first 2 reds ( 27 and 29 pounds) and a bull shark.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kiawah Island Inshore Fishing Charter

10/15 I ran a double out of Kiawah today and the weather was beautiful and the Fall bite was strong.  Fished this morning with long time client and good friend Andreas Bechtler and his friend Dieter from Europe.  The first 3 hours were non stop redfish action, they landed 47 reds, 1 trout, 3 black drum and 2 sheepshead.  Weather was perfect and the wildlife was putting on a show today, we got to observe dolphins strand feeding, a pair of bald eagles stealing a fish from an osprey, deer and turkeys in the marsh.
My 2nd group was a corporate banking group from New York, wind picked up and water got murky but it didn't slow the trout bite, they caught around 30 sea trout on popping corks, with some bluefish and ladyfish mixed in.

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Folly Beach, SC Inshore Fishing Charter

9/25 Fished an afternoon charter with a group of guys who were in town for a meeting, and the Fall bite is here.  First stop was nonstop action throwing popping corks , totals were about 30 reds (1-5 pounds), 11 trout, 4 ladyfish and 15 bluefish.  After going through about 12 dozen shrimp, we saved a few of the blues and ladyfish and went to sit for something larger.  Moved to the inlet and caught 5 huge redfish ( 22-33 pounds) and 2 sharks.  Not bad for a 4 hour charter with about 60-70 quality fish.

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Charleston, SC Inshore Fishing Charter

9/20 Capt Colt ran our bay boat in Charleston Harbor today, with 2 Dads that were taking out their sons for a birthday treat.  The big redfish bite was on fire, they started the trip with about 15 big redfish from 12-27 pounds, then moved over to some light tackle action with more : reds, trout, flounder, whiting, spanish, and bluefish.
 I ran a trip out of Kiawah the same day with a corporate group and we started the trip with a good : redfish, trout, and ladyfish bite on light tackle, then went and chased the shrimp boats and caught 5 fine tooth , and 1 blacktip shark.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Kiawah Island Redfish Charter

9/14 Had a morning trip out of Kiawah with regular client Mr Kaplin.  The redfish bite was on fire, we stopped at 3 different spots and each one produced 15-20 reds of all sizes.  Between the 2 of them they caught about 50 redfish, with the largest weighing around 12 pounds.  Last few minutes of the trip we hit the inlet for something larger and quickly boated a 75 pound dusky shark.

Folly Beach Inshore Fishing Charter

9/14 Had a good buddy Justin in town form Atlanta and he wanted to get his wife out on the water for an afternoon fishing trip.  At first we hit the inlet to try to get her a quick shark, but after 3 huge sting rays about 75-100 each we moved on to go find some redfish.  The redfish action was steady and they boated about 25-30 reds all 1-6 pounds.

Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Kiawah Island Fishing Charter

8/31 Fished with with Mr Pietro and his 2 young sons (4 and 9) for a morning light tackle inshore trip.  The action never stopped, every spot we stopped the redfish were on fire, after catching about 75 redfish all 12-25", we tried to find the boys a few larger reds.  The last stop produced another 15-20 fish that were a little bigger ( 20-33") with the largest around 11-12 pounds, also caught 3 black drum, 1 flounder and a nice sea trout.  Even though it is still hot I think the fall bite is here!

Kiawah Island Fishing Charter

9/2 I fished out of Kiawah this morning with long time customers and friends Mark and Mary Ann.  The bite was good but most redfish were small, hit about 3 spots and boated about 30 redfish most were 12-18" , then hit the front beach to look for a tarpon, and boated 3 quick sharks all between 3-6ft.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kiawah Island Fly Fishing Charter

7/12 Capt Colt ran our Maverick flats boat on a fly fishing charter out of Kiawah Island today.  Trip started a little slow, but helped the client warm up with some casting practice.  As the water began to get in to the grass redfish tails started to pop up everywhere.  They missed about the first 15 shots, but Colt kept working and kept the client out some extra time and finished the trip with a 13 and 14 pound redfish on the fly.  Probably go to see about 40 different tailing fish and had good shots at 15-18.  Both fish ate flies that Colt tied at the Charleston Angler that morning.

Charleston Fishing Charter

7/13 Capt John ran our new sportsman bay boat out of Charleston Harbor today.  He fished with 2 dads and 2 teen age sons, and before the rain moved in they had a banner day with the big fish.  They boated 12 redfish between 12-27 pounds and 2 larger sharks ( nurse and blacktip).

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Charleston Inshore and Shark Fishing Charter

6/13 Capt Colt ran our bay boat in Charleston harbor today, fished his morning trip with Dave and his kids.  They got a good mixed bag to keep the lines busy for the kids, they boated reds, trout, bluefish, and a bunch of sharks.  Highlight of the trip was a 31" red, and a nice flounder for dinner.
2nd trip was a shark fishing with the Kirk family, and they caught a bunch of sharp nose, and bonnet head sharks, along with some small fish.

Kiawah Inshore and Shark fishing Charter

6/12 , morning trip I ran a 2.5 hour shark fishing charter from Kiawah Island, bite was steady but not on fire.  My group boated 7 sharks ( 4 sharp nose all about 3ft, 2 bonnet heads , and a 75 pound Bull shark)
2nd trip was a corporate group out of Kiawah for some inshore fishing, mostly bait fished around some structure and they caught 4 redfish 8-14 pounds, 2 trout, 1 nice flounder, and about 15 whiting.

Monday, June 16, 2014

Family Fishing Charters in Charleston and Kiawah Island, SC

6/10 Capt Fuss ran our bay boat out of Charleston Harbor today on a 3/4 day fishing trip with Kyle and his 2 sons.  They were on fish the entire trip, they boated over 20 big redfish and 10 nice black drum, and a few sharks.  The boys went home with smiles, sore arms, and a couple of black drum for dinner.
I ran a double out of Kiawah Island today , my first trip was a repeat family who wanted a trip that we could do a little of everything.  So we did a dolphin tour for an hour, then took the kids shark fishing for a couple of hours and caught 6 nice sharks ( sharp nose , blacktip, and fine tooth), then went to private beach and gathered some shells and sand dollars.
My afternoon trip was an inshore charter and we caught a good mixed bag: ( 10 pound redfish, 4 pound flounder, 3 sheepshead, and 6 sharks between 8-50 pounds).

Kiawah Island and Charleston Fishing

6/9 Capt Fuss ran our bay boat out of Charleston Harbor today and fished with the Shermans.  The bite was strong with over 20 big redfish, along with some trout, and black drum.
I fished a double out of Kiawah Island and we caught a good mixed bag in the morning with: redfish, sheepshead, black drum, flounder and ended the trip with some sharks.  My 2nd trip was a corporate group and we started by catching a bunch of trout and whiting, finished the trip strong with 4 reds over 10 pounds and a 3 pound flounder.

Charleston Inshore Fishing Charter

6/6 Capt Colt ran 2 trips on our bay boat in Charleston Harbor.  Morning trip was with Scott Krammer and his 2 boys and the bite was good.  The boys caught a bunch of over the slot redfish up to 25 pounds, along with some sharks that were 3-4ft, plus a big 200 pound bull shark, along with some smaller reds and trout as a warm up.
2nd trip was a 2.5 shark charter with the Meyer family and the bite was still on fire for the big fish, with a bunch of 3-4ft sharks and 2 bull redfish over 20 pounds.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kiawah Island and Folly Beach Reef Fishing Charter

6/3 Ocean was nice today and I got to run 2 reef trips with 2 very nice families.  First trip was not as much variety but good numbers and some large fish, started catching a bunch of high flying ladyfish, probably boated around 25-30 and lost many more with all of the jumping.  Also caught 3 bluefish, 2 flounder, couple of sea bass, and ended the trip fighting a 10ft lemon shark for an hour.
Second trip headed straight back out to the reef and wind picked up and seas got a little choppy, but was able to manage.  Good variety with : 8 flounder, 4 sharks, 3 black drum, 1 ladyfish and a sheepshead.

Kiawah Inshore and Shark Fishing Charter

6/4 I ran 2 trips out of Kiawah Island today, first trip Mrs O'Grady a long time clients sent some of her visiting relatives on a 3 hour inshore fishing charter.  We caught a good mixed bag with : 4 sheepshead, 2 redfish, 2 flounder, and 4 sharks.  One of the flounder went home for a fresh fish dinner that night.  2nd trip was a quick 2.5 shark trip, and the bite is still hot, my group caught 11 sharp nose sharks, 2 bull sharks and one bonnet head.
Capt Fuss ran our other bay boat out of Charleston harbor today, with Calvin and his son who were visiting Kiawah Island.  They caught a bunch of reds, around 20 with the largest weighing over 20 pounds, also a few trout, flounder, ladyfish and sharks.

Kiawah Island Shark Fishing

6/5 I ran a quick 2.5 hour shark fishing trip with a family of 6 out of Kiawah.  First 30 minutes started slow, but then the sharks found us and they had constant action for the next 2 hours.  They boated 13 sharp nose sharks all about 3ft, and 2 bonnet head sharks 12 and 19 pounds.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Folly Beach Shark Fishing Charter

6/6 ran a quick 2.5 hour shark fishing charter from Folly beach today, my group from Alabama braved the light rain and we had a great trip.  Got a few doubles and ended up in double figures with 8 sharp nose sharks all about 3-3.5 ft, 3 bonnet head sharks ( largest 22 pounds), and a 65-75 pound Dusky shark .

Monday, June 2, 2014

Charleston Shark Fishing

5/5 Capt Fuss ran the bay boat out of Charleston today with a corporate group.  The group wanted to try for something big, so they went out to the jetties for sharks and giant redfish.  They boated about 15 sharks from 3-5ft and also got 2 nice redfish over 20 pounds.
5/6 Capt Colt ran our bay boat out of Charleston with Mrs Staubes and her 3 friends.  This group of ladies put it to the fish and had a fun day.  Totals for their group was over 15 sharks, 5 slot redfish and 1 that was fifteen pounds, and about 20 bluefish casting spoons and lures.

Charleston Fishing Charter

5/3 and 5/4  Capt Fuss had a busy weekend running our bay boat out of Charleston Harbor.  Saturday morning he fished with the Ruby family , they had a good time keeping the lines busy for the kids and boated a good mixed bag of : redfish, trout and flounder.  That afternoon he ran a second trip with Capt Ethan on a 2 boat bachelor party trip and both boats caught redfish , black drum and sharks.
5/4 the Ruby family came back for another day of fishing and went on a 2.5 hour shark fishing trip and boated some sharks, rays, and other fish for an action packed trip.

Kiawah Island Reef Fishing Charter

5/2 Had an afternoon reef fishing charter out of Kiawah island today.  Fished a reef about 3 miles off of Kiawah with some nice conditions and a good mixed bag.  My group boated : 50 sea bass, 20 whiting, 10 weakfish, and 3 sheepshead.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Kiawah Island Redfish Charter

Kiawah Island Fly Fishing

4/24 I had an afternoon corporate fishing charter, and we tried to hide from the wind and my group boated 12 sheepshead, 3 black drum, and 2 redfish.
Captain Colt ran our Maverick flats boat on a fly fishing charter and they didn't see a ton of fish in the grass, but did manage 2 nice reds on the fly.

Kiawah Island Inshore Fishing

4/21 I had an afternoon fishing trip with a family spending their spring break on Kiawah Island.  They were looking for some steady action, and we found a good mixed bag for the day.  They boated 6 nice redfish ( largest 10 pounds), 3 sheepshead, 2 black drum, and 11 whiting.
4/22 I fished a double out of Kiawah and both trips were a little slow but still managed to have a good time on the water. 1st trip boated 3 redfish, and 4 black drum, second trip caught about a dozen sheepshead and black drum.

Charleston Inshore Fishing Charters

4/17 Capt Fuss ran our bay boat on 2 trips in the Charleston harbor, was a bit windy but managed a couple of decent trips.  First trip was a 2.5 hour kids fishing trip with the Markie family, the boys had a big time and caught 6 redfish and 3 black drum.  That afternoon he took out the engineers from Yamaha Engines and they lost numerous big reds to the structure, and manage to boat 6 redfish and a huge sheepshead.

Friday, May 16, 2014

Charleston Inshore Fishing Charters

4/15 Capt Fuss ran our bay boat in the harbor this morning with the Meeks.  Picked them up at Shem Creek and were on the fish right away with a great bite throwing lures and catching tons of bluefish and spanish mackerel.  Then they ventured off into the creeks and caught about a dozen trout and 3 redfish.
I ran another corporate skeet shoot on the boat out of Kiawah with some more corporate guest from yesterday.

Kiawah Inshore Fishing Charter

4/14 I fished with a group staying on Kiawah this morning and bite was a little slower than it has been.  Started off looking for redfish, but couldn't get them to eat, but did manage 4 black drum and a flounder before we headed out into the main river and ended the trip with 4 bonnet head sharks.
That afternoon I ran a corporate skeet shoot from the boat, and everyone had a big time with some really good shooters on the boat.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Folly Beach Shark Fishing Charter

Sunday 4/13 I ran 2 short 2.5 hour creek / shark fishing charters out of Folly Beach, SC.  First trip took some small children and the caught 2 flounder and a sheepshead, and then we went and caught a n 18 pound bonnet head shark.
Second trip just wanted to shark fish, so we set up in the river and had first steady action of the year for sharks.  They caught several small fish that we turned into some good shark bait and boated 4 sharks: 2 bonnet head, 1 scalloped hammerhead, and a 65 pound bull shark.

Charleston Fly Fishing Charters

4/12 Capt Colt ran our new bay boat out of Charleston today and hit the oceanside for some near coastal action.  Fish few spots the drifted with some light tackle jigs and caught tons of black sea bass and a few blues and weakfish.  Then they went searching for something on topwater to throw the fly and some lures at.  Found some nice schools of Atlantic Bonita n the surface and could not get them close enough to take a fly, but the boated 6 nice ones on casting spoons before calling it a day.

Kiawah Island Fly Fishing

4/11 I ran a flood tide fly fishing trip out of Kiawah Island in the late afternoon early evening.  Water has warmed up nice a got to see plenty of happy tailing redfish in the flooded grass, my angler got a shot at about a dozen fish and landed 3 reds and a black drum on the fly ( largest red was 14 pounds). Fish ate copper rattle fly, and a small crab pattern.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Kiawah Island Reef Fishing Charter

April 10th , the wind finally let up and gave us a pretty day on Kiawah.  Ran a double and the first trip we made it out to the nearshore reef for some constant action.  Had a Mom take out 4 boys and 1 girl and we started with tons of black sea bass, they stopped counting at 200, also caught a few bluefish in the mix, highlight came at the end of the trip with a double header of nice redfish on light tackle with a 12 and 20 pounder.
2nd trip we stayed inshore in the Kiawah River and fished some structure and they caught 3 redfish, 4 black drum and 3 sheepshead.

Kiawah River Fishing

April 9th, another windy day, someone please turn off the big fan in the sky.  Had 2 trips today out of Kiawah Island.  1st trip was a little slow but we did manage 4 redfish from 2-10 pounds.  2nd trip was a little better with more of a mixed bag.  They caught 5 redfish largest 8 pounds, 3 sheepshead, 1 black drum and a few whiting.

Kiawah Island Inshore Fishing Charter

April 8th had a corporate fishing charter out of Kiawah Island today.  Winds were blowing 20-25 out of NE making for some difficult conditions, so we tucked into some small creeks to hide from the winds.  My group caught 8 sheepshead and 2 nice redfish ( 10 and 13 pounds).

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Kiawah Island Inshore Fishing Charter

4/1 Had a good flood tide this morning and got to fish with some regulars ( Matt Farrow and his Dad from Boston).  First couple of stops not much action, but the 3rd stop was as good as it gets.  In 2 hours Matt and his father boated 37 redfish, and 2 large sea trout. 30 of the redfish were over 8 pounds with the largest weighing 14 pounds, all reds were tagged and released but the 2 trout went home with the guys for a fresh fish dinner.

Folly Beach Reef Fishing Charter

3/31 after a few nasty cold and windy days the weather finally broke enough for me to take a group who were staying on Folly Beach out fishing to the reef.  Caught about 50 black sea bass , a few sheepshead and whiting at the reef before heading inshore for the last 45 minutes to try for a redfish.  They redfish bite was good, in 30 minutes they hooked 6 and boated 3 reds between 8-12 pounds and lost a few more to some structure.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Kiawah Island Creek Fishing Charter

3/27 had a double , morning trip was a quick 2.5 hour creek fish and my group caught 2 nice reds 10 and 11 pounds, and a couple of small sea bass.
Afternoon trip was a 1/2 day charter, we tucked up in some creeks to get out of the wind and my had some steady action with 8 black drum, 6 sheepshead, and 2 redfish ( 3 and 11 pounds)
3/28 I had two 2.5 hour kids fishing trips today, first trip had a big time with Emma and her Dad, main goal was to find some dolphins and catch a fish.  We found a playful pod of 6 dolphins that darted back and forth under the boat for about 20 minutes, then we went and caught a handful of small sheepshead around some docks.  2nd trip not a ton of action but caught 2 nice redfish ( 12 and 14 pounds).

Inshore Fishing Charter, Kiawah Island,SC

3/24 Cold and windy, tried to get the client to fish earlier with the better tide but they could only go in the afternoon with high water.  Cold front had just passed and we knew that fishing would be tough with 25-30mph winds but we gave it our best and only hooked 2 reds, lost one at the boat and they landed another one that was 10 pounds.  Cant wait for warmer weather H2O dropped to 55 today.
3/26 I had a 2.5 hour kids fishing trip out of Kiawah, still cold and windy but the kids boated 6 black drum, 3 small redfish and 2 sheepshead.
3/26 Capt Fuss ran our other boat out of Charleston today and took out a family from the upstate and they caught about a dozen trout, and a few reds and some bluefish.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Charleston Inshore Fishing Charters

3/19 Capt Colt ran the Maverick in Charleston on a fly trip, nice conditions but fishing was a little slow but they scratched out a few trout and redfish at the end.
3/21 I fished with an old friend from surfing and great dentist on james Island Dr. Chris Costa, the trip started out great with a steady bite of : reds, sheepshead and black drum.  The first 2 hours were great, but when the tide got up in the grass the bite shut down for us, but was a good day on the water to catch up with an old surfing buddy.
3/21 Capt Fuss ran a couple of fly trips on the Maverick on Kiawah.  Wind was up and overcast conditions made for a tough first trip with no fish on the fly, but conditions improved on the 2nd trip and they boated 2 reds on the fly and a couple more on bait.
3/22 All 3 boats in action today.  I fished a double out of Kiawah today, and both trip were good with a mixed bag on both, mostly redfish, with a few black drum and sheepshead mixed in, big fish was a 10 pound red on first trip and a 14 pound red on the 2nd.  Capt Fuss ran our other bay boat in Charleston harbor on a group bachelor party trip and caught about a dozen nice reds.  Capt Colt ran a fly trip South of Charleston and they saw a bunch of reds schooled up in shallow water ( 3 groups of 100 or more) but none would eat the fly.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Kiawah Island Fishing Charter

3/19 The Taft family was in town for spring break and they had a big group so had a good friend Capt John Irwin help me with a 2 boat trip.  The ocean was flat so we took the boys out to the reef and each boat caught about 100-125 sea bass each and a few other small bottom fish.  Decided to run inshore  for the last 45 minutes of the trip to get a few redfish, and boated a few reds between 6-8 pounds hanging around some structure.

Monday, March 31, 2014

Kiawah Reef Fishing

3/16 I had an afternoon reef fishing charter out of Kiawah.  Seas were flat so we made it to the reef in about 10 minutes.  Fishing was steady but not on fire, had a family of 4 who just wanted to catch something and the son really had high hopes of a shark.  Between the 4 of them they caught about 60 black sea bass, 3 sheepshead, and last fish of the day was a 4ft spiny dogfish shark which was the highlight of the trip for the young boy.  Was is still cold 54 at reef and 56 inshore.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Charleston Shark Fishing 3/14

Capt Fuss ran a trip on our other boat in Charleston Harbor today 3/14.  The trip was a quick 2.5 hour charter for the most action to keep the lines active for the kids.  They fished the jetties with a good winter time shark bite of smooth and spiny dogfish sharks on light tackle.

Kiawah Island Family Fishing Charter

3/14 I ran an afternoon fishing charter in the Kiawah and Folly River.   We tucked into some small creeks and mostly fished shrimp and blue crabs, to catch a good mixed bag.  Clients caught 8 redfish, 6 sheepshead, and 4 black drum: 5 of the fish were tagged so the clients will be getting some free SCDNR Fish Tagging t-shirts in the mail.

3/13 Kiawah Island light tackle redfish

3/13 had a quick 2.5 afternoon creek fishing charter, and the bite was steady.  My clients boated 9 nice redfish and 2 black drum.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Folly Beach Fishing Charter 3/11

I ran 2 quick trips out of Folly Beach on Tuesday March 11th.  Both were 2.5 hour creek fishing excursions.  Both trips were almost the same with Dads and Daughters fishing, and both trips started slow but ended well.  First charter was a dad and his special needs daughter, the bite started slow and she really wanted to see a dolphin, so we found a small pod of bottle nose dolphins and rode along with them enjoying the show.  We anchored up and fished for the last 30 minutes and hooked about a dozen sheepshead and got 4 in the boat for some quick pictures.  Didn't have great numbers of fish but the trip was a big success because as some as we hit the dock she asked when can the go again.  Next trip the water started to get in the grass and the bite started slow, until we found some hungry redfish.  My group hooked up with 6 reds and lost a few to structure , but we boated 4 nice fish in the 8-11 pound range.

Kiawah Family Fishing Charter 3/10

I ran a family fishing trip today out of Kiawah Island.  Water has started to warm up and the fishing is getting better.  We waited till 10 am to start the trip to let things warm up a bit, at first the trip started slow with not much action.  But we ended the 2.5 hour trip with some good redfish action , landing 7 redfish in the last 30 minutes.  All fish were in the 3-14 pound range, and Wes landing the big fish of the day on a piece of crab with a 33" 14 pound red.  All fish were tagged and released to fight another day.
Capt John Ward

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Kiawah Island Corporate Fishing Charter
 3/3 Had some good repeat corporate clients out today.  We dodged a few quick showers and a riping 7ft tide.  The water finally started to warm up around 59-60 and the fish were happy.  We started out catching redfish and black drum before to tide backed out.  They boated 3 redfish and 2 black drum biggest around 6 pounds.  We left a strong bite because the tide was racing out and we were about to get stranded in a small creek.  So off to the main river we went, it took some bouncing around but found plenty of sheepshead around some docks and they boated about 25 in 2 hours.  Jim got the big one at 23" and 8 1/2 pounds.