Monday, June 16, 2014

Family Fishing Charters in Charleston and Kiawah Island, SC

6/10 Capt Fuss ran our bay boat out of Charleston Harbor today on a 3/4 day fishing trip with Kyle and his 2 sons.  They were on fish the entire trip, they boated over 20 big redfish and 10 nice black drum, and a few sharks.  The boys went home with smiles, sore arms, and a couple of black drum for dinner.
I ran a double out of Kiawah Island today , my first trip was a repeat family who wanted a trip that we could do a little of everything.  So we did a dolphin tour for an hour, then took the kids shark fishing for a couple of hours and caught 6 nice sharks ( sharp nose , blacktip, and fine tooth), then went to private beach and gathered some shells and sand dollars.
My afternoon trip was an inshore charter and we caught a good mixed bag: ( 10 pound redfish, 4 pound flounder, 3 sheepshead, and 6 sharks between 8-50 pounds).

Kiawah Island and Charleston Fishing

6/9 Capt Fuss ran our bay boat out of Charleston Harbor today and fished with the Shermans.  The bite was strong with over 20 big redfish, along with some trout, and black drum.
I fished a double out of Kiawah Island and we caught a good mixed bag in the morning with: redfish, sheepshead, black drum, flounder and ended the trip with some sharks.  My 2nd trip was a corporate group and we started by catching a bunch of trout and whiting, finished the trip strong with 4 reds over 10 pounds and a 3 pound flounder.

Charleston Inshore Fishing Charter

6/6 Capt Colt ran 2 trips on our bay boat in Charleston Harbor.  Morning trip was with Scott Krammer and his 2 boys and the bite was good.  The boys caught a bunch of over the slot redfish up to 25 pounds, along with some sharks that were 3-4ft, plus a big 200 pound bull shark, along with some smaller reds and trout as a warm up.
2nd trip was a 2.5 shark charter with the Meyer family and the bite was still on fire for the big fish, with a bunch of 3-4ft sharks and 2 bull redfish over 20 pounds.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Kiawah Island and Folly Beach Reef Fishing Charter

6/3 Ocean was nice today and I got to run 2 reef trips with 2 very nice families.  First trip was not as much variety but good numbers and some large fish, started catching a bunch of high flying ladyfish, probably boated around 25-30 and lost many more with all of the jumping.  Also caught 3 bluefish, 2 flounder, couple of sea bass, and ended the trip fighting a 10ft lemon shark for an hour.
Second trip headed straight back out to the reef and wind picked up and seas got a little choppy, but was able to manage.  Good variety with : 8 flounder, 4 sharks, 3 black drum, 1 ladyfish and a sheepshead.

Kiawah Inshore and Shark Fishing Charter

6/4 I ran 2 trips out of Kiawah Island today, first trip Mrs O'Grady a long time clients sent some of her visiting relatives on a 3 hour inshore fishing charter.  We caught a good mixed bag with : 4 sheepshead, 2 redfish, 2 flounder, and 4 sharks.  One of the flounder went home for a fresh fish dinner that night.  2nd trip was a quick 2.5 shark trip, and the bite is still hot, my group caught 11 sharp nose sharks, 2 bull sharks and one bonnet head.
Capt Fuss ran our other bay boat out of Charleston harbor today, with Calvin and his son who were visiting Kiawah Island.  They caught a bunch of reds, around 20 with the largest weighing over 20 pounds, also a few trout, flounder, ladyfish and sharks.

Kiawah Island Shark Fishing

6/5 I ran a quick 2.5 hour shark fishing trip with a family of 6 out of Kiawah.  First 30 minutes started slow, but then the sharks found us and they had constant action for the next 2 hours.  They boated 13 sharp nose sharks all about 3ft, and 2 bonnet head sharks 12 and 19 pounds.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Folly Beach Shark Fishing Charter

6/6 ran a quick 2.5 hour shark fishing charter from Folly beach today, my group from Alabama braved the light rain and we had a great trip.  Got a few doubles and ended up in double figures with 8 sharp nose sharks all about 3-3.5 ft, 3 bonnet head sharks ( largest 22 pounds), and a 65-75 pound Dusky shark .

Monday, June 2, 2014

Charleston Shark Fishing

5/5 Capt Fuss ran the bay boat out of Charleston today with a corporate group.  The group wanted to try for something big, so they went out to the jetties for sharks and giant redfish.  They boated about 15 sharks from 3-5ft and also got 2 nice redfish over 20 pounds.
5/6 Capt Colt ran our bay boat out of Charleston with Mrs Staubes and her 3 friends.  This group of ladies put it to the fish and had a fun day.  Totals for their group was over 15 sharks, 5 slot redfish and 1 that was fifteen pounds, and about 20 bluefish casting spoons and lures.

Charleston Fishing Charter

5/3 and 5/4  Capt Fuss had a busy weekend running our bay boat out of Charleston Harbor.  Saturday morning he fished with the Ruby family , they had a good time keeping the lines busy for the kids and boated a good mixed bag of : redfish, trout and flounder.  That afternoon he ran a second trip with Capt Ethan on a 2 boat bachelor party trip and both boats caught redfish , black drum and sharks.
5/4 the Ruby family came back for another day of fishing and went on a 2.5 hour shark fishing trip and boated some sharks, rays, and other fish for an action packed trip.

Kiawah Island Reef Fishing Charter

5/2 Had an afternoon reef fishing charter out of Kiawah island today.  Fished a reef about 3 miles off of Kiawah with some nice conditions and a good mixed bag.  My group boated : 50 sea bass, 20 whiting, 10 weakfish, and 3 sheepshead.